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If you want to make income swiftly - swing trade futures and not stocks. Particularly if you are a newbie thinking of going into trading part-time or full-time. Lets examine the differences beginning with stocks:

You need to at least an account size of $25,000.00 as necessary by your broker to swing trade or day trade stocks. There is certainly a wash rule in stocks. You need to track far more than one stock to create decent money today. Stocks are not that liquid and it requires much more time to get out of the position(s) speedily.

Now lets examine futures: you'll be able to start off with as little as $10,000. 00. There's no wash rule in futures - go in and out as numerous occasions as you deem necessary. You only need to have to track one index; either the e-mini Dow Futures or the e-mini S&P Futures to produce decent revenue nowadays and another advantage is that some trading systems offer auto-traded accounts where I have never heard of a service that has auto traded accounts available for stocks hot penny stocks. Futures are highly liquid and you can get out in a matter of minutes.

Auto traded futures accounts make sense for those who are new to trading, wish to trade part-time, have limited cash to outlay or you would like to stay home with the kids and desire to trade full-time. A complete service futures broker will charge you a round trip commission of $50.00 whereas an auto traded account will charge you as tiny as $7.00 for a round trip commission and place the trade for you automatically; all you have to do is receive your statement, review it and keep a record of those statements for calculating capital gains to be paid to Uncle Sam.

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